Monday, 14 July 2014

High Hopes for Buddhist Circuit in India Rail Budget 2014

Buddhist Circuit of India is on the threshold of transformation. The policy makers have clearly identified the tourism potentials of Buddhist heritage sites. In the current budget policies, Buddhist circuit is given a due weightage in terms of promotion of this special pilgrimage circuit with numerous schemes.

Minister of Railways in rail budget 2014 declared that special tourist train will be launched to connect the country’s prestigious Buddhist Circuit. The Buddhist heritage is deeply etched in the soul of India. There are many destinations that encapsulate the essence of Lord Buddha. He wandered as a monk, gained enlightenment, preached many sermons and completed his course of life in India. The places where he spent his life have now become highly respected pilgrimage sites. Therefore, tourists and pilgrims prefer to visit such places to gain a new perspective of peaceful and contented life.

Buddhist pilgrimage is an experiential journey where visitors learn about Buddha and gain inspiration from his life. From Bodhgaya where he gained his enlightenment to Varanasi where he preached his first sermon. From Sravasti where he spent maximum monsoons as a monk to Kushinagar where he gained his final Mahaparinirwan, the sites encapsulate the essence of Buddha. Tourists still feel the calming bliss during their visit to such sites. These instances where travellers feel inspired and blessed by the life of Buddha bring out one of the best pilgrimage experiences in the country.

The introduction of this special tourist train will connect such important Buddhist destinations and strengthen their connectivity. Moreover, it will also encourage tourists to plan their travel easily. Collectively, they can visit the sites in a single itinerary on a train. The hassles of staying, eating, travelling; all will be comprehensively addressed during this special train tour.

The visitors interested in taking up Buddhist-Pilgrimage just have to book their seat on this special train. Rest of the exceptional travel experiences will come up with a visit to Bodhgaya, Sarnath near Varanasi and Lumbini. You can also gain the new perspectives of life during your Buddhist Pilgrimage tour.

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